Meet Our Team

Our team includes data analysts, scientists, policy experts, and communication pros, offering an extensive skillset to bring cutting-edge analysis to policy research.


Angel Hsu, PhD

Founder and Director

Angel Hsu, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Yale-NUS College and Adjunct of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.  Her research explores the intersection of science and policy and the use of data-driven approaches to understand environmental sustainability, particularly in the areas of climate change and energy, water, and air quality. Previously, Angel was at the World Resources Institute (WRI), a non-profit environmental thinktank in Washington, D.C., where she developed corporate greenhouse gas accounting and reporting initiatives in developing countries, including China, where she managed and led WRI’s efforts.  She has written in and been cited by major media outlets and has provided expert testimony for the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. She holds a PhD in Forestry and Environmental Studies from Yale University, an M Phil in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge, and a BS in Biology and BA in Political Science from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.

Amy Weinfurter

Research Associate

Amy explores the growing role that cities, states, businesses, and investors play in addressing climate change.  Her work focuses on quantifying the national mitigation potential impact of state and city climate action, and identifying the drivers of successful renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives in developing countries.  Amy holds a masters degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, where she studied the overlap between climate change, environmental planning, and water management.  Her professional experience includes a background in watershed monitoring and remediation, along with experience supporting capacity-building and communication efforts for a range of non-profit organizations.

Ryan Thomas

Research Associate

Ryan is an urban planning researcher with interests in sustainability and monitoring and evaluation. His education, work experience, and research have focused on how civic engagement, technology, and data affect planning outcomes. He worked as a city planner on the 2012 master plan for Cincinnati, Ohio – the first master plan for the city in 30 years. He also worked on a favela mapping project in Rio de Janeiro and conducted an evaluation of USAID’s decentralized energy programming in Tanzania. Ryan holds a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and a Master’s in Community Planning.

Andrew Feierman

Quantitative Analyst & Programmer

Andrew is a Quantitative Analyst for Yale Data Driven. Before joining the group, he worked for the Institute for Market Transformation in Washington, DC, where he modeled city-level environmental policies and worked with real estate companies to reduce energy consumption within their portfolios. He graduated from American University’s School of International Service in 2012.

Carlin Rosengarten


Carlin has spent the last decade researching and writing about climate change, energy, and environmental policy.  He worked for the Center for American Progress ‘s Energy Opportunity Team in Washington D.C. and Natural Resources Defense Council in New York before forming his own consultancy, Cape Romain Research Associates, in 2011.  He holds a Masters of Environmental Management from Yale’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, where he performed research on tropical agroforestry systems, commodity production, and climate economics.  Carlin is Data Driven Yale’s in-house editor and performs research and writing tasks on a variety of environmental topics.  He previously studied Biology and Studio Art at Dartmouth College.

Matt Moroney

Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) candidate, 2018

Matt Moroney is a first year Masters of Environmental Management student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He obtained a Bachelors of Environmental Science with a Chemistry minor at Western Washington University. Afterwards, he spent four years investigating contaminated sites and assisting permitting for new data centers. He studies the flow of materials in society and ways to replace them using green chemistry and systems thinking, as well as technologies that will alter the way we live and work.

Yihao Xie

Research Associate

Yihao is a graduate from Yale-NUS College, where he majored in environmental studies with a specialization in public health and environment. His senior capstone was titled “Constructing a Model for Mosquito Abundance in HDB Estates in Singapore Using Meteorological, Environmental and Socioeconomic Predictors.” Yihao’s other academic interests include urban environmental sustainability, environmental justice and food systems.

Diego Manya

Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) candidate, 2018

Diego Manya is a Master’s of Environmental Management Candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He is interested in the use and effect of data across the different stages of the environmental policy cycle, with particular emphasis in Performance Evaluations. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from the UNALM in Peru, and has worked in the private sector and on a UNDP-UNEP project in Peru.

Sophie Janaskie

Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) Candidate, 2018

Sophie Janaskie is a second year Masters of Environmental Management student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She holds a Bachelors degree in Environmental Engineering from Yale University, and most recently served as a Venture for America Fellow in Philadelphia, where she spent two years at an early stage green-tech start-up. She is particularly interested in using data and metrics to inform environmental decision-making in urban policy and business.

Franz Hochstrasser

Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) Candidate ’18

Franz Hochstrasser is a Teaching Assistant at Yale Law School, and a Research Assistant at Yale University, as well as a Masters in Environmental Management Candidate ’18 at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Hochstrasser served 8 years in the Obama Administration, most recently as Senior Advisor to the Special Envoy for Climate Change at the US Department of State working on international climate negotiations and policy. Prior to that, he was Deputy Associate Director at the White House Council on Environmental Quality working on energy, environment and climate policy; and a Confidential Assistant and Legislative Analyst at the US Department of Agriculture. He also worked on both of Barack Obama’s Presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Tina Huang

Masters of Environmental Management Candidate (MEM), 2019

Tina Huang is a Master’s of Environmental Management Candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She received her bachelor degree at University of California, Berkeley in environmental economics and policy and society and environment (global environmental politics concentration). She also minored in city and regional planning and interned at a non-profit, Ecocity Builders, before coming to Yale. She is interested in U.S.-China climate change politics, low carbon city development in China, and participatory mapping.

Ross Rauber

Programmer, Yale-NUS College ’19

Ross Rauber is a second year undergraduate student at Yale-NUS College likely majoring in either Computer Science or Life Sciences. In addition to being very interested in data analysis, Ross is a web developer. So far, he has helped with gathering and displaying data used to create a clean energy performance index for Connecticut’s municipalities and is now working on creating visualizations for a global environmental data dashboard.

Udit Jain

Yale College ’18

Udit Jain is a third-year undergraduate at Yale College, double majoring in Computer Science and Statistics. He focuses on data science, visualizations and machine learning. He’s created a visualization website for the EPI and is currently working on studying land use patterns in China through social media. His other big interest is in deep learning. At DataDriven Yale, he’s using those techniques to make sense of non-state actors’ climate actions.

John Brandt

Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) Candidate ’19

John Brandt is a Master’s of Environmental Management candidate ’19 at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Brandt is experienced in applying data analytics, geospatial analysis, and programming to solving environmental issues within academia and the private sector. He is most interested in using open-sourced data to inform environmental policy. Brandt holds a Bachelor’s in Biology from Vassar College, where he focused on using sensor networks to model the impact of large-scale construction on water resources.

TC Chakraborty

PhD Candidate, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies 

TC is a PhD student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He has a B.Tech in Civil Engineering and an M.Tech in Environmental Engineering and Management. During his Master’s thesis, he quantified the temporal and spatial aspects of the canopy and surface urban heat islands of the greater Kanpur region using in-situ measurements, mobile campaigns, and remote sensing. He currently investigates how the exchange of energy between the surface and the atmosphere influences local weather and climate. In particular, he is interested in the influence of highly heterogeneous terrain, like urban areas, on boundary layer dynamics. His work involves running numerical weather prediction models, analyzing climate data, and satellite remote sensing.

Saskia Comess

Yale School of Public Health ’19

Saskia Comess is a Master’s of Public Health candidate (’19) in the department of Environmental Health Sciences at the Yale School of Public Health. Saskia is interested in using data analysis to understand and communicate the impact of environmental challenges on human health and food systems. Saskia graduated cum laude from Vassar College with a Bachelor’s in Science, Technology & Society and a minor in Mathematics; she also received the Phi Beta Kappa Prize for the “most distinguished academic record of the graduating class.”

Elle Brunsdale

Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Environmental Management (MEM) candidate ’19

Elle Brunsdale is a joint-degree candidate at the Yale School of Management (SOM) and School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (F&ES). She is also a graduate of Yale College where she studied economics and environmental studies. Elle is passionate about leveraging capital markets and technology to advance ecologically sustainable, community-based solutions that address climate change and other environmental challenges. This summer, Elle worked on the water team at Encourage Capital, an impact investing firm using innovative financing mechanisms to alleviate a range of environmental and social problems. Prior to graduate school, she worked for big data technology start-up that was using NLP and ML to predict public policy (FiscalNote). At DataDriven Yale, she works on the team that uses these techniques to analyze climate actions taken by companies, cities, and other non-state actors.

Chendan Yan

Researcher & Graphic Designer

Chendan is a Masters of Environmental Management candidate at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Her research centers on sustainable urban development and environmental justice with application of geospatial analytics. As the graphic designer and researcher at Data Driven Yale, Chendan creates data visualization tools to communicate complex environmental issues and conducts research on urban sustainability metrics. She worked at Center of Earth Energy and Democracy in Minneapolis, MN, developing neighborhood based Environmental Justice Mapping tool and examining disparities in capacity among communities to maintain environmental quality. Chendan holds a Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Studies and Philosophy from College of Saint Benedict and St.John’s University.

Jeffrey Tong

Yale-NUS College ’18

Jeffrey is a final year undergraduate at Yale-NUS College, majoring in Environmental Studies. He finds his passion in topics of urban environmental governance and policy, including issues surrounding climate justice, adaptation and resilience. Jeffrey was previously involved in spatial analysis projects studying urbanization processes with the Singapore-ETH Future Cities Laboratory. He is currently working with the team to develop an upcoming urban environmental performance index with a focus on social equity.

Zev Nicolai-Scanio

Choate-Rosemary Hall ’18

Zev is a programmer focusing on computer modeling, data science, and data visualization. He is interested in the connections between programming and the sciences, the intersection of coding and design, and the ways in which programming can be used as a tool to help inform policy decisions, particularly in the field of sustainable development. At Data-Driven Yale, his work includes database design, construction, and management; API development; and dashboard and widget development. His other independent projects include full-stack development and WebGL experiments.

Yaolin Zhang

Yale-NUS College ’19

Yaolin is a law and liberal arts double-degree student at Yale-NUS College and National University of Singapore. He is interested in the intersection between the environment, economics and the law. Previously involved in consulting work at IBM Smarter City Southern China, he is seeking a new sustainable model of development with market-based innovations to fundamentally address the environmental challenge of the 21st century. He is currently conducting citizen science environmental data and green finance research.

Geoffrey Martin

Yale-NUS College ’18

Geoffrey is a third-year undergraduate student from Yale-NUS College majoring in computer science and statistics with a minor in economics. He has spent time conducting data driven research on economics, dating and health sciences for several research centers at university and in the data analytics industry. His interests span the intersection of data science and macrosociological issues although he has also started to explore full stack web development as a tool for addressing such issues.

Sabrina Long

Yale College ’19

Sabrina Long is a third-year undergraduate student in Yale College, studying Computer Science with a concentration in Energy Studies. She is passionate about climate change communication, and is interested in combining data analysis and design to create more effective communication methods. Sabrina has experience with graphic design, and hopes to use that experience to create compelling data visualizations.

Algol (Ziang) Li

Yale-NUS College ’20

Algol (Ziang Li) is originally from China and is now part of  Yale-NUS class of 2020. Interested in political science, economics, data science and sustainability, Algol hopes to learn more about global environmental governance, environmental policies and eco-cities. In his free time, he loves traveling and exploring food, cultures and shooting photos of architecture.

Kavya Gopal

Yale-NUS College ’18

Kavya Gopal is a second year undergraduate at Yale-NUS College, majoring in Urban Studies and minoring in Economics. She is very interested in questions of splintered infrastructures and equity in cities, especially in relation urban environmental amenities. Currently, Kavya is working on urban environmental sustainability indicators and measurement.

Ruifeng Zhong

Yale-NUS College ’20, Video Producer

Ruifeng is an undergraduate student at Yale-NUS College. He has worked as a freelance designer since the age of 19 and now specializes in animation, documentary, interview and social media promotional content. His interests span data analysis, visual representation and multimedia design in environmental studies. Currently working as a video producer in the Environmental Performance Index project team, he designed and produced multimedia content to improve the communication channels of text-heavy research findings.

Group Alumni

Stefanie Wnuck


Stefanie Wnuck

Researcher A Masters of Environmental Management candidate at Yale’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Stefanie’s research centers on climate policy, with a focus on carbon markets and the role of voluntary and information-based approaches that drive behavior change. With Data Driven Yale, Stefanie will explore how data can be used to spur ambitious climate action in all spheres. Prior to arriving at Yale, Stefanie worked on product stewardship and waste management, promoting recycling policies that minimize the end-of-life environmental and health impacts of consumer products. Stefanie holds a Bachelors of Arts in International Affairs and Environmental Science from Lafayette College.

Alisa Zomer

Research Associate and Manager, Environmental Performance Index Alisa Zomer is a research associate with the data-driven environmental policy lab at Yale focusing on urban sustainability metrics and climate change planning in cities. She investigates how urban sustainability indicators compare across cities and how qualitative and quantitative data can be combined to improve urban environmental policies. Alisa holds a masters degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies where she researched urban climate adaptation governance in Manila, Philippines. She is currently a World Social Science Fellow focusing on sustainable urbanization and a member of the NSF-funded Research Coordination Group on Sustainable Cities. Prior to Yale, Alisa worked on international environmental governance and justice at the World Resources Institute.

Don Mosteller

Research Fellow Don supports the lab’s communication strategies and platforms, researches the effectiveness of climate-focused international development initiatives, and is an author of the upcoming 2016 EPI report. Don holds a master’s degree from Yale’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, where he studied energy laws and policies that incentivize the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies. Prior to Yale, Don held positions at National Geographic, the Pew Charitable Trusts, and the National Environmental Education Foundation where studied and wrote about climate science and policy. Don also holds a Bachelors of Science in Physical Geography from Penn State University where he studied climatology and Geographic Information Systems.

Andrew Moffat

Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) candidate, 2016 Andrew is a Masters of Environmental Management candidate at Yale’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Prior to attending Yale he lived in Beijing, China for five years where he studied Mandarin and was exposed to extreme air pollution that contributed to his interest in sustainable environmental management. Andrew worked most recently at China Policy where he researched environmental and energy policy in the People’s Republic of China. At F&ES he studies energy production and technological innovation, examining our energy infrastructure’s environmental and economic impacts.

Yaping Cheng

Research Fellow  Yaping is a research fellow at Yale’s data-driven environmental policy lab focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Her work investigates how to quantify the reduced greenhouse gas emissions resulting from renewable energy and energy efficiency programs in developing countries. Yaping holds a Master’s Degree from Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies where she specialized in business and the environment. Prior to Yale, Yaping worked in the public education sector as a teaching fellow with Teach For China. She has also worked at Goldman Sachs, Alibaba, and Nokia Siemens Networks. Yaping received her Bachelor’s Degree in Geographical Information Systems from Wuhan University in China.

Danny Macri

Research Fellow

Drawing on the EPI methodology, Danny is collaborating with the CT Green Bank to develop a clean energy performance index for CT municipalities. Danny holds a master’s degree from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies where he studied industrial ecology and water resource management. He is particularly interested in exploring the drivers and barriers of adopting regenerative resource systems. Prior to Yale, Danny managed several environmental management and agriculture projects for USAID. Danny received his bachelor’s degree in political science from the College of the Holy Cross.

Kaiyang Xu

Research Associate

Kaiyang Xu is a graduate of Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, receiving his Masters of Environmental Management Candidate at F&ES. He also holds a Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences and Bachelors of Arts in Economics at The Ohio State University, Columbus, where his research focused on tropical forestry ecology and the interaction between insects and tree seedlings. At F&ES, he studies topics at the intersection of energy, business, and environment. Kai is particularly interested in greenhouse gas emissions from China’s building sector as well as that nation’s carbon trading system and energy production’s impact on China’s rapidly transforming economy. He specializes in data science and analysis.

Maria Ivanenko

Yale-NUS College, 2017 

Maria is a third-year undergraduate at Yale-NUS College majoring in Environmental Studies. She is especially interested in the intersection of environmental issues and global affairs. As a data analyst for the 2016 EPI, Maria has helped with the analysis of a variety of indicators. She is currently analyzing data in order to help develop a clean energy performance index for Connecticut. She is very interested in the ways that energy security influences international relations, particularly amongst the Central Asian states. Prior to studying in Singapore, Maria has lived in the US, Russia, and China.

Willie Khoo

Yale-NUS College ’19

Willie Khoo is a senior at Yale-NUS College pursuing environmental studies and anthropology. He is interested in the potential of civil society to drive sociopolitical and environmental change and believes data can provide an important platform for engaging and empowering citizens.

Aadit Gupta

Yale-NUS College ’19

Aadit is a second-year undergraduate student at Yale-NUS College, currently considering majoring in Computer Science or History. Prior to joining Data-Driven Yale, he wrote for public policy journals — focusing on European and South East Asian affairs — and was a freelance web developer. He is interested in data science and visualization, as well as computer graphics and UI design. He is currently working on developing an API to help make sense of sub-national actor commitments to counter climate change.

Yani Zeng

Masters of Environment Management in Yale-Tsinghua dual degree program

Yani Zeng is a candidate for a Masters of Environment Management in Yale-Tsinghua dual degree program. Yani’s professional and academic backgrounds spans the fields of engineering, finance and business and most recently interned at the Rock Mountain Institute where she was the lead researcher a Chinese building project of energy quota policy design, compliance and enforcement. She is highly interested in solving problems in energy & environmental sector using data and metrics approach leveraging business, engineering and policy perspectives.

Swarnima Sircar

Programmer, Yale-NUS College ’19

Swarnima Sircar is a second year undergraduate student at Yale-NUS College looking to major in Mathematics, Computational, and Statistical Sciences. Both new to the field of data science and sceptical of the singular ability of markets to mitigate climate change, she hopes to conduct research that will spur action and contribute to the discourse of the role of cities and markets in climate change.

Yuqian Peng

Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) candidate, 2017

Yuqian is a Masters of Environmental Management candidate at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She is interested in international environmental cooperation and environmental justice, with a focus on climate and energy.  A researcher and data analyst with Data Driven Yale, Yuqian blogs about Chinese environmental policy and is building the 2016 EPI’s air quality issue profile. Prior to Yale, Yuqian worked at the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection and International Rivers – an environmental justice NGO that supports a global network of dam-affected people, environmentalists, human rights advocates, and experts to fight destructive river projects. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in International Relations and Environmental Studies.

Allison Khoe

Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) candidate, 2017

Allison Khoe is a second-year candidate for a Masters of Environmental Management at Yale. She received her bachelor’s degree at UC San Diego in Environmental Systems and was most recently working at SunPower on their supply chain sustainability team. Allison’s career interests focus around how businesses can be innovative leaders in preserving natural resources.

Subhas Nair

Yale-NUS College ’17

Subhas Nair is a third-year undergraduate at Yale-NUS College, majoring in Urban Studies and minoring in Environmental Studies. He is particularly interested in disaster risk reduction and building resilience to climate change through urban planning. Currently, he is working on coding urban indicators for the 2016 Environmental Performance Index. Subhas also works with the Center for Liveable Cities in Singapore, researching on land use and the transformation of public space in Singapore. He hopes to one day influence climate change strategies in Singapore.

Cameron Yick

Programmer, Yale College ’17

Cameron is a third-year undergraduate in Yale College, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is interested in exploring how open data projects and data journalism improve community health, education, and energy usage. Currently, he works on data scraping, wrangling, and building visualization dashboards. He works to promote interdisciplinary problem solving through a design  group, YaleMakes, and enjoys tweeting about data science.

Isabelle Riu

Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) candidate, 2018

Isabelle Riu is a first year Masters of Environmental Management student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She holds a Bachelors degree in International Affairs and Environmental Studies from the George Washington University and was most recently working for Sierra Club’s Environmental Law Program on the Beyond Coal campaign. She is interested in driving energy policy and solving environmental problems by using the power of data and metrics.

Nikola Alexandre

Master of Environmental Science candidate (MESc ’17)

Nikola is a Master’s of Environmental Science candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. His work exists at the intersection of environmental planning, urban land use, and inclusive economic development. He is particularly interested in how strategic urban resilience planning can create juste and equitable opportunities for low-income communities and communities of color. Nikola was a lead co-author on the 2016 Environmental Performance Index, and currently manages a team in the development of equity focused urban environmental performance indicators. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Vassar College and formerly worked at the Presidio of San Francisco developing climate action strategies.